Making employment development a priority

We’ll explore best practices and tips from experts for professionals eager to convey their willingness to learn to help advance their careers.

Employee disengagement
Employee demands for greater workplace
A multi generational workforce
Organizational culture change
Lack of diversity at the top

How It Works

Our Proven 6 Step Process

#1 Resume and Cover Letter Review

The first step for a job-seeking candidate in EFHR is to have their resume and cover letter reviewed by an HR professional. This can help identify areas for improvement, such as formatting, content, and keywords, that can make their application stand out to potential employers.

#2 Job Search Strategy

EFHR should work with the candidate to develop a job search strategy that aligns with their career goals and aspirations. This may involve identifying industries and companies that match the candidate’s skills and experience, as well as developing a plan for networking and applying for job openings.

#3 Interview Preparation

EFHR should provide interview preparation support to the candidate. This may include mock interviews, advice on how to answer common interview questions, and tips on how to make a good impression.

#4 Job Application Support

EFHR can provide support to the candidate during the job application process, including reviewing job descriptions, tailoring resumes and cover letters, and submitting applications on behalf of the candidate.

#5 Job Offer Negotiation

If the candidate receives a job offer, EFHR can provide support in negotiating salary, benefits, and other terms of employment. EFHR can also help the candidate understand the implications of the job offer, including any non-compete or confidentiality agreements.

#6 Onboarding Support

Once the candidate has accepted a job offer, EFHR can provide support during the onboarding process, such as completing new-hire paperwork, providing guidance on company policies and culture, and facilitating introductions to colleagues and managers.

Career Guidance

Take a time and have a look what makes you feel good. Work can feel good for many reasons It may be due to your ability to work with flexible
hours and a balance between work and life, the sense of pride you feel when you accomplish a task well, or having colleagues who are like family.
Find out what matters most to you and let’s find you that perfect job together.

International hiring

If you’re thinking about moving abroad or have already received a visa but don’t know how to find a job overseas, we are here to help. Please provide us with your details and inquiry in the below given boxes and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Build Your Career

The experts we interviewed also suggested some key strategies for general career advancement.