Case Studies

Case Study of our client from Canada

“EFHR: The Corporate Doctor Prescribing HR Solutions for Business Success”


As a business owner, you understand the importance of a healthy organization. Just like a doctor diagnoses and treats physical ailments, EFHR, your trusted HR partner, diagnoses and treats HR-related issues to ensure your business thrives. In this case study, we’ll explore how EFHR helped a struggling company overcome its HR challenges and achieve success.

*The Patient (sunshine coast wines):*

Meet Sunshine coast wines, a mid-sized manufacturing company facing numerous HR-related issues. Employee turnover was high, morale was low, and compliance concerns were mounting. The company’s leadership recognized the need for expert HR guidance but didn’t know where to turn.

*The Diagnosis (HR Audit):*

EFHR conducted a comprehensive HR audit, examining Sunshine coast wines current HR practices, policies, and procedures. Our expert team identified key areas for improvement, including:

Inadequate recruitment and on boarding processes
– Insufficient training and development programs
– Poor performance management and feedback
– Non-compliant HR policies and procedures

*The Treatment (HR Solutions):*

EFHR prescribed a customized HR solution, addressing each of the identified issues. Our team:

– Developed and implemented a robust recruitment and on boarding process
– Designed and delivered targeted training programs for employees and managers
– Introduced a performance management system with regular feedback and coaching
– Reviewed and updated HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance

*The Recovery (Results):*

Within six months, sunshine coast wines saw significant improvements:

– Employee turnover decreased by 30%
Morale and engagement increased, leading to improved productivity
– Compliance concerns were alleviated, reducing the risk of legal issues
– Leadership had more time to focus on strategic initiatives, driving business growth


EFHR, your trusted HR partner, serves as a corporate doctor, diagnosing and treating HR-related issues to ensure business success. By partnering with EFHR, Sunshine coast wines. was able to overcome its HR challenges and achieve a healthier, more productive organization. Don’t let HR issues hold your business back – consult with EFHR today and start prescribing HR solutions for long-term success!